por Deivison Arthur
Co-Founder & CEO - EB.TECH
1 min

China launches offline payments with its new "super SIM card".

This innovation is only available for Android phone users with NFC functionality. To use this wallet, users need to acquire a "super SIM card" from their service providers and follow specific steps to enable the wallet on their phones.


The availability of this hard wallet on SIM cards expands access to digital payments for a wider audience. This is not limited to smartphone owners but also reaches those who still use 2G devices. This paves the way for broader and more inclusive financial inclusion.

With nearly 20% of Chinese mobile users owning 2G devices, the potential of this SIM card wallet goes beyond smartphone users, reaching a wider audience.

This measure is being carried out thanks to the collaboration of China Mobile International Limited, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Telecom Global, and China Unicom, along with the Bank of China, which announced the launch of the "hard-wallet" SIM card product in the digital RMB application.

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