por Ian Charles Bird
President & Founder - EB.TECH
1 min


Our future wealth will be based on our digital property in a decentralized Web3 ecosystem.

EB.TECH is the world's first "all-in-one" digital ecosystem.

Digital property refers to the concept that individuals can have exclusive control and ownership over digital assets, such as cryptocurrency, digital art, or virtual real estate. As more assets move into the digital world, the ability to own and control these assets will become increasingly important.

Digital property has the potential to transform wealth by allowing individuals to hold and trade assets that are not tied to physical geography, and offering new opportunities for value creation and accumulation beyond traditional forms of wealth.

At the moment, this will require us to have one foot in the 'custodial' world and one foot in the 'non-custodial' world. The two keywords for everyone to have digital property are; Security and privacy. The passport to true Digital Property will be your Digital Wallet.

Make sure you have your EBBank.Tech Wallet.