por Deivison Arthur
Co-Founder & CEO - EB.TECH
1 min

How Pudgy Penguins took physical toys and transformed them using blockchain technology.

As a result, they are standing out in the NFT market and have been well received by the general public, raising over $500,000 in sales on Amazon in the first 48 hours.


What can we learn?

  • The intellectual property of Pudgy Penguins is winning over the public. Five Below is selling over 5,000 toys per week!
  • Physical products can be a strategy for embracing mainstream technology. As people no longer just want to speculate, an initial physical approach makes sense.
  • PP toys come with a birth certificate and a QR code that unlocks the NFTs on the Pudgy World online platform.
  • PP toys are based on NFTs, which are licensed by the holder. Every time a toy is sold, the owner receives a fee.
  • The community is their priority. Their goal is to make everyone feel part of something bigger than themselves, not just passive consumers.